Frequently Asked Questions

How has the process changed?

Based upon grantee and applicant feedback, we have done a few things differently. 

  1. We have moved to a briefer initial application and Letter of Intent (LOI) to apply. 

  2. We have completely transitioned our process to an online platform. 

  3. We have instituted an eligibility quiz.

  4. This new platform allows you to draft information and come back later to complete it.

What are the steps in applying?

  1. Eligibility Quiz (open to all)

  2. Letter of Inquiry (open to anyone who is approved by the quiz)

  3. Full Proposal (invited only)

If I have applied before, do I have to take the eligibility quiz?

Yes! It is just a few questions, and makes sure we align well as a potential funder.

How is the Letter of Intent different from the old inquiry phase?

Great question! Our old inquiry form asked for a bunch of information that really required applicants to have their proposal idea almost finalized. The new form asks more general information about your organization, the specific project and its alignment to Longview. All of the detail and comprehensive plan details are saved for the full proposals, which are invited twice a year.

Has your timeline changed?

Generally, no. We will still have two cycles a year, January and June. We will invite proposals in February and July. Invited proposals will be due in March and August.

I’ve passed the quiz. What kind of information do I need to submit an LOI?

Your contact information, information about your organization, general information about the project, the target audience, what you hope to accomplish, how much money you need, and who else is supporting the work.

You will need to upload a copy of your IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN) letter. 

You also have the option of uploading a two-page letter describing the work, how it fits in with your organization, and how it contributes to the field of global education. Standard page size for the letter, please, with 12-point type and one inch margins.

Then what happens?

The program committee will make decisions on who to invite to submit a full proposal. A decision will be communicated either way. Because of the volume of LOI submissions, we are not able to provide feedback on why a particular LOI was not chosen to move forward or to make suggestions on how to strengthen the application for future submissions.

The program committee will review submitted proposals, make recommendations for full board review and decisions to fund will be made.

Typically, grant funds are in hand six months after the initial submission of an LOI. Funds are in hand in July for a January submission and in January for a June submission.